PointSolutions - Class Polling Steps

(formerly TurningPoint)


In this article, you will find the quick steps to get started polling in class.

Before You Begin

Step 1: Log in to the PointSolutions software.

Step 2: Plug in your USB receiver (if students use physical clickers).

Screenshot: Receiver channel

  • A receiver channel number displays.
  • Students set clickers to this channel to participate (IMPORANT).
  • Click the number to change.

Step 3: Enable Mobile Responses (if students use TurningPoint app).

Screenshot: Enable Mobile Responses

Screenshot: Mobile Responses Session ID

  • A session ID will display.
  • Students enter the session ID into the mobile app to participate.

Step 4: Select the Synced Canvas Course you will be polling.

Note: You may poll on Auto and sync with courses after class.

Screenshot: Select course to poll

Step 5: Start your preferred polling software.

Screenshot: Polling apps

Saving Session Files (IMPORTANT)

  • At the end of each session, you will be prompted to save the session files. Session files contain student responses.
  • Save session files to a location you can access outside the classroom. We recommend PirateDrive (U:), but you may also use portable storage devices. Be sure the device is secured so student data is not compromised.


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