Configure Dell Encryption (Windows)

Please note: It is a best practice to store your work files to

Once the software is pushed to your Windows computer, you see a notification to reboot (restart) your computer.

  1. When you see the Kace notification, reboot (restart) your computer. This step installs the encryption software.
  2. After your computer reboots and the software is installed, click the system tray to see all icons.
  3. Right-click the new Dell Encryption icon and choose Open Dell Encryption. A dialog box opens showing the encryption status.

  4. Reboot your computer again if the status dialog box does NOT open and a message states, "The wizard was unable to connect to Dell Encryption."
  5. Note that VMware, Parallels and Virtual box VMs are set to be excluded since the VM host will be encrypted.
  6. Call the IT Help Desk at 252-328-9866 | 800-340-7081 if you require further assistance.


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