MFA: Use App Passwords

An app password is a random list of letters generated through your Microsoft 365 account that replaces your ECU passphrase and verifies your ECU account in apps that are unable to use MFA. Some apps and older mobile devices do not support multifactor authentication. Examples include Android and iOS default email apps and Windows Phone 8 and Xbox 360. If you are not prompted to authenticate when opening an app, you will need to set up an app password to verify your identity. One app password is generated for you in Step 3 of MFA setup.

  • IT IS RECOMMENDED that you install the Microsoft Outlook Mobile app for ECU email rather than using your device's email app. Outlook mobile is the recommended and supported mail app for ECU users.
  • However, if you must use your native email or there are other apps that can't verify through MFA:

Use the app password generated in Step 3

  • Step 3 of MFA enrollment generates your first app password.
  • Copy this app password immediately - you will only see it until you press Done.
  • Open the app's settings on the mobile device.
  • Your PirateID is the username.
  • The app password is your password. DO NOT use your ECU passphrase.
  • Generate a different app password with other mobile devices.

Why you may need additional app passwords

The first app password is automatically generated during MFA setup (Step 3), but you may need more than one in the following situations:

  • You didn't immediately use the first one generated during MFA setup, and it disappeared (if you leave the final screen before copying the app password, you will never see it again).
  • You have more than one mobile device. Use a different app password for each device.
  • You bought a new device.

Log in to your Microsoft 365 account

Step 1. Log in to your Microsoft 365 account:

Step 2. Use either method to create and manage your app passwords.

Manage app passwords using the additional security verification/app passwords page

Once you log in to Microsoft 365, click the app launcher icon (waffle icon). The app list opens. Click the App Password link to open the additional security verification/app passwords dialog box. Click the Create button to generate a new app password or delete existing passwords.




Create app passwords using the Office 365 portal

Log in to Microsoft 365 and click your profile picture/icon. Then click the View account link.


The account information page opens. Click the Security Info/Update Info link.



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