Kronos Timekeeper Project


With an increase in state and federal legislation and compliance concerns related to wage and hour rules, it is in the best interest of the university to standardize and automate time and leave-keeping functions. To assist in this standardization and automation, ECU has purchased Workforce Timekeeper from Kronos Incorporated, a proven leader in workforce management. This software package has been adopted by the university as the time, attendance and leave keeping system of record for employees who track time, as well as employees who are granted or earn leave. Kronos is expected to provide university employees an efficient, effective tool for tracking, paying and reporting these key employee data values.

After implementation, ECU expects to have approximately 8500 employees using Kronos for time, attendance, and/or leave keeping.

Teams and Current Participants

A Core Project Team and content-specific specialty teams have been established to work on various aspects of the system’s design, configuration, implementation and application at ECU. Questions, challenges and decisions derived in these groups are presented to the Steering Committee for feedback and resolution.

Currently ECU has 7400 Kronos users spread across all nine divisions in the university. The most recent user group adopted Kronos on October 16, 2019. New groups join Kronos based on the project implementation timeline.

  • Organizational Chart – July 2018 (see attached file)


The Kronos project began additional implementations in the fall of 2014, with additional departments/divisions coming onto the system at regular intervals. Areas identified for inclusion in immediate upcoming phases of the implementation have been contacted individually and provided available information regarding timelines for “going live” on Kronos.

Please watch ECU Official email communications for Kronos Project updates as the university Kronos implementation progresses. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, please contact the ECU Kronos Team at

Kronos Support

Department Super Admins should submit the Kronos support request to:

  • resolve access issues
  • resolve error messages
  • request support for time/leave entries, corrections, schedule changes, security and sign-off removal
  • request assistance with similar end user support issues


The Kronos project is sponsored by Sara Thorndike, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance and supported by an Executive Steering Committee. Steering Committee membership includes representation from across campus and incorporates employees at a variety of levels within the university.

Ownership of the system resides in the Department of Human Resources under Kitty Wetherington, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, with ownership for pay-related system components belonging to Payroll. Payroll resides within Financial Services under Dee Bowling, Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial Services.


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