Install and Use Jabber - Windows

Jabber is a collaboration software that allows you to make telephone calls and conference through your computer. This is a great tool to use when working remotely. First, submit the Jabber account request. After your Jabber account is created, follow these instructions to install and use Jabber.

REQUIRED: You must have at least a microphone and speaker to make and receive calls. A web cam is useful for web conferencing.

Install Jabber

1. After your account is created, navigate to the ECU Download Center and log in.

2. Scroll to the Jabber entry and click the Click here to access software link. The Terms and Conditions screen opens.

3. Read the Terms and Conditions; then click the I Agree button to continue.

4. From the version list, find the Windows entry and click the Click Here to Download link. The Save dialog box opens.

5. Make sure that the Save File option is checked and click OK. The zipped file is now in the Downloads folder.

6. From within the Downloads folder, click the file folder. It is compressed, or "zipped." Two files become available.

7. Double-click the CiscoJabberSetup Windows Installer Package file. The Cisco Jabber welcome screen opens.

8. Read the terms and conditions. Click the Accept and Install button to continue. Once the software installs, you will log in to get started.

Set Preferences

The first time you log in...

1. Enter your PirateID and ECU passphrase into the Cisco Jabber dialog box. Click the Sign In button.

2. Enter your PirateID and ECU passphrase again into the ECU Single Sign-On dialog box. Click the Sign In button. The Cisco Jabber interface opens.

3. Click the profile picture and choose Settings. The Settings dialog box opens.

4. If you wish Jabber to automatically open every time you boot up your computer, make sure the Start Cisco Jabber when my computer starts option is checked on the Settings/General screen. If you do not want Jabber to automatically open, click the Jabber icon on your desktop whenever you need to open it.

5. Click Accounts from the Settings list. Enter your PirateID and passphrase into each box to connect your phone service and voicemail. Click OK.

6. Click Audio from the Settings list. Configure your microphone and speaker (required equipment). Click OK.

Make a Call

There are two ways to open the call options...

1. Open Jabber by double-clicking the desktop icon. The phone options dialog box opens. In the Search or call box, type a name, PirateID or phone number.

2. Open Jabber by clicking the shortcut tab. An icon menu pops out. Click the telephone handset icon to open the phone options or type a name, PirateID or phone number into the search box.
Shortcut tab

3. Don't forget to scroll over other icons to discover other useful Jabber features like voicemail and scheduled meetings.


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