Install and Use Jabber - Mac

Jabber is a collaboration software that allows you to make telephone and conference calls through your computer. This is a great tool to use when working remotely. First, submit the Jabber account request. After your Jabber account is created, follow these instructions to install and use Jabber.

REQUIRED: You must have at least a microphone and speaker to make and receive calls. A web cam is useful for web conferencing.

Install Jabber

1. After your account is created, navigate to the ECU Download Center and log in.

2. Scroll to the Jabber entry and click the Click here to access software link. The Terms and Conditions screen opens.

3. Read the Terms and Conditions; then click the I Agree button to continue.

4. From the version list, find the Mac entry and click the Click Here to Download link. The Save dialog box opens.

5. After the download completes, locate and double-click the zipped file.

6. Follow the installer instructions.

Set Preferences

1. Open Jabber on your computer. Sign in.

2. Click your initials at top left. Choose Preferences.

3. Click Accounts. Enter your PirateID and passphrase to connect Jabber with your phone services, voice message and instant messaging accounts.

4. Set up microphone and speaker for call.

Make a Call

1. Click the phone icon in the left side navigation and enter a name, PirateID or phone number into the search bar.

2. Click the green call button to complete the call.


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