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This article cover tasks to get up and running with TurningPoint in Canvas and where to download the polling apps.

In this Article

1 - Activate PointSolutions in Canvas (IMPORTANT)

This must be done for each Canvas course in which you plan to use PointSolutions.

2 - Register Instructor Account (IMPORTANT)

This one-time process can be done in any Canvas course.

3 - Syncing Canvas Courses (IMPORTANT)

Synced courses are added to your polling software dashboard. Synced courses update nightly.

4 - Download Polling Apps
5- Unsyncing Canvas Courses

Removes courses from polling software dashboard.

1 - Activate PointSolutions in Canvas

1.1 Navigate to a Canvas course in which you will be using PointSolutions.

1.2 Click Settings.

1.3 Open the Navigation tab.

1.4 Drag PointSolutions to the active course nav list.

1.5 Click Save.



Step 2: Register Instructor Account

From the Canvas course nav, click PointSolutions to launch and login to the PointSolutions web portal. Students also use this link to register.

Screenshot: PointSolutions Canvas Course Navigation

Step 3: Syncing Canvas Courses (Web Portal)

3.1 Click the PointSolutions tile.

Screenshot: PointSolutions Tile Web Portal

3.2 From the Canvas tab, click the Add button to sync a course. Synced courses appear in polling software dashboard.

Note: Courses must be published in Canvas to display in the Canvas tab.

Screenshot: PointSolutions Add

4 - Download Polling Software

From the web portal, click Download at the bottom right of the PointSolutions tile.  
Screenshot: PointSolutions Download

5 - Unsyncing Canvas Courses

From the Active Courses tab, click Options (vertical dots) on course tile and choose Delete.

Note: Deleted courses move back to the Canvas tab where they can be made active again if needed.

Screenshot: PointSolutions Unsyc Canvas Courses

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