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This tutorial covers everything students should do to use their mobile device or a physical clicker to participate in polling sessions.

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1 - Register in Canvas (IMPORTANT)
  • Students using physical clickers and the app must complete this step. If not, your instructor will not be able to identify your responses.
  • If you get a new physical clicker, repeat this step.
2 - Add Your Mobile Device
3 - Using a Clicker or PointSolutions App in Class

1 - Register in Canvas

(1) From the Canvas course navigation, open PointSolutions. Screenshot: PointSolutions in Canvas
(2) Click the (a) Profile icon (top right of page) then choose (b) Profile.
Screenshot: PointSolutions Profile Icon

(3) In the Response Devices section, click Add or Purchase a Clicker.

Note: The Clicker ID is located on the back of your physical clicker.
Screenshot: PointSolutions Add Devices
Learning Management Systems (LMS)

(4) Verify that you see Canvas as your LMS.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

  2 - Add Your Mobile Device

(1) Grab your phone/tablet and install the PointSolutions app.

Image: PointSolutions mobile app logo

(2) Touch Sign In.

Screenshot: Moble App Signin 1

(3) Enter your full ECU email then touch Next

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


(4) Enter your full ECU email again and touch Next to complete sign in, and you’re done.

Your Mobile ID will be listed in the Response Devices section of the Profile page.

Screenshot: ECU sign in email.

3 - Using a Clicker or the PointSolutions App in Class

Physical Clicker

  1. Set your clicker to the channel provided by your instructor and that’s it.
  2. When polling begins, enter your response. Your clicker will confirm that your response has been recorded.

Mobile App

  • Open the app and sign in if you prompted. Enter the Session ID provided by your instructor then touch Join Session.
  • When polling opens, touch your response. The mobile app will confirm that your response has been recorded.
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