Link or Embed Presentations in Canvas

Canvas Student View (IMPORTANT)

Student View does not work with Mediasite content.

Request Shared Folders

Before adding presentations to Canvas, you need Shared Folders for your course. Submit a Mediasite Service Request to request folders.

Link or embed using Rich Content Editor (RCE)

From the Apps menu, search for and select Mediasite.

Image: Rich Content Editor Apps icon

Image: Mediasite App in Canvas

Authorize Mediasite to access your Canvas account.

Authorize Mediaste Screenshot

Choose Presentation or Collection.

Add Exisiting Media Screenshot


Link to or embeds single presentation.

Search by title or choose from a list of recent presentations. Add the Presentation Link or embed the presentation using the Player Only (embeds player).

Link or Embed a Single Presentation Screenshot


Link to or embed entire collection of presentations.

Link or Embed a Collection Screenshot

Search by Shared Folder title or choose from a list of recent collections. Add a Link to the or Embed the entire Collection.  


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