Teams Best Practices: Meetings

Screenshots taken using Teams desktop app and Windows 10.

Export meeting attendance report

A meeting organizer can track attendance such as when each attendee joined, left or rejoined a meeting. The results can be exported as a .csv spreadsheet.

  1. While the meeting is active, click the Show participants button in the meeting control panel.
  2. In the Participants panel, click the More actions ellipsis [...].
  3. Click Download attendance list.
  4. The.csv file will download automatically.

Note: You can only download an attendance report while the meeting is active. Attendance cannot be taken once the meeting is over.

Apply a video background

You can change your background during a video meeting before or during a meeting. Options include a blurred background, an image or an image you upload.

Before a meeting

The option to choose a video background is available in the audio and video settings dialog box before you join a meeting.


During a meeting

To change the video background during a meeting, click the More options ellipsis [...] at the top of the meeting box and choose Apply background effects.



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