Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client

The Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client is part of the required software image for all ECU-managed desktop and laptop computers. This cloud-based tool extends on-campus security settings to your computer when off campus and protects against malicious content like phishing scams, fraudulent websites, malware, spyware and ransomware.

If you inadvertently click a link to a website deemed malicious by the Cisco Talos IP & Domain Reputation Center, Cisco Umbrella redirects your browser to an information page and does not open the malicious link. You will know that ECU's security protections are working if you see the information page.

There is no configuration necessary on your part. Software updates and security patches are automatically pushed to your ECU-managed system through the endpoint management tools.*

Employees who telework may need to log in to the ECU virtual private network on or after the push date to complete the download process.

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