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Get Connected to the VCL - macOS

  1. Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client (Chromebooks – use Android client).
  2. Once the client has been downloaded and installed, you’ll need to add a workspace.
  • Click Workspaces (at the top) and then Add Workspace.

  • Enter the following URL into the box: ""

  • Once the workspace is found, click Add.
  • When prompted, enter your ECU email address and click Next.

  • Enter your ECU email address and passphrase and click Sign in.

  1. Your workspace will now populate with all the applications and desktops available for you to use. You can search for software by typing the software name in the search bar.

Opening/Saving Files in the VCL

Piratedrive: Your Piratedrive (U:\) will be available when you access the applications and/or the Windows 10 Desktop.

Local Drive(s): To enable access to your local drives, you have to enable folder redirection in the preferences of the Microsoft Remote Desktop application.

  • Click on the gear icon and choose Preferences.

  • On the General tab, where it says, "If folder redirection is enabled for RDP files or managed resources, redirect." Change the drop-down box from Nothing to Choose Folder.

  • Navigate to the folder that you'd like to redirect (make accessible while using the VCL). This is the folder that you'll be able to open and where you can save your files.

  • When you have chosen the folder, click Choose and you'll see the folder you have chosen is now in the drop-down box.

  • Close the Preferences window.
  • You will now have access to the folder that you specified in the Preferences when working in the VCL. The redirected folder will have the format: SharedFolder on ComputerName. In the example below, the SharedFolder is "creechd" and the ComputerName is "CREECHD-W10VM". When prompted for access to your local drive, be sure to allow/approve.



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