Webex Events Replaces Webex Training Center

Cisco is decommissioning Webex Training Center, and it will no longer be an option for ECU users after December 31, 2021. Feature and other updates, except for security patches, have already been discontinued by Cisco.

Is there an option for Webex Training Center?

Any planned training sessions should be scheduled through Webex Meetings since most Training Center features have already transitioned to Meetings:

  • Advance scheduling with recurring session support
  • Microphone control - host controls mute/unmute for all attendees
  • Text chat included in meeting recordings
  • Full duplex, multi-point VoIP audio
  • Enhanced polling during a session
  • Web-based polling editor
  • Session registration
  • Session Q & A
  • Multiple hosts and presenters
  • Breakout sessions using manual or automatic attendee assignments

Please note that the following three features are not yet available in Webex Meetings as of May 2021:

  • Real-time testing during a session
  • Pre- and post-testing during a session
  • Attention indicator to view attendees' attention

How do I get started?

When scheduling a session, choose Meetings rather than Webex Training Center, then choose the preferences you need. If you have scheduled a Training Center session for 2022, it will need to be rescheduled in Meetings as Webex Training Center will no longer be available.

How do I get help?

If you require assistance or want to learn more, see these options:

  • Call Pirate Techs at 252-328-9866.
  • Check out our Webex category in the IT knowledge base.
  • Register for a Webex session in Cornerstone.
  • Request a Webex consultation.

Frequently Asked

Will Training Center recordings still be available after December?

Training Center recordings will be available after the ability to create new Webex Training Center sessions is no longer an option.

What happens if I have a session already scheduled to take place after December 31, 2021?

If you have already scheduled a Webex Training session in 2022, you will be unable to host the session. However, most Training Center features have already migrated over to Meetings, including advance scheduling of sessions. We suggest you begin now to reschedule any future Training Center sessions to Meetings.

Are Webex Training Center features available in Webex Meetings now?

Most Webex Training Center features have already been added to Webex Meetings except for 1) Real-time testing during a session, 2) Pre- and post-testing during a session, 3) Attention indicator to view attendees' attention.


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