Recent Microsoft Teams Feature Updates

These are the recent feature releases for Microsoft Teams. For Teams support at ECU, call Pirate Techs at 252-328-9866 and see the how-to articles in this IT knowledge base category. For step-by-step instructions, visit the Microsoft Teams Help and Learning.

Learn the latest feature releases for Microsoft Teams from our ITCS News Blog Teams post.

New Features Release for September/October 2021

Choose an emoji OR a text reply in a Teams conversation

Previously only available through the Teams mobile app, you can now reply to any comment in a Teams Desktop app chat through the message actions. Until recently, you could only reply to the entire conversation through the reply text box but add an emoji to an individual comment. Please note this feature is only available through the Teams desktop and mobile apps, not the browser version of Teams.

Scroll over any comment in a conversation and click the vertical ellipses. Choose reply.


Breakout rooms presenter support

Through the desktop app, meeting organizers will be able to assign presenters breakout room management so they will be able to perform the following:

  • assign users to a room
  • add/delete a room
  • open/close a room
  • re-assign users to a room
  • send announcements
  • recreate rooms
  • set a timer
  • adjust other breakout room settings

First, a meeting organizer assigns one or more presenters to manage rooms through breakout room settings. The assigned managers will then take control. Please note: only one manager at the time can perform operations but any assigned manager can join a room.

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Teams Webinars! New for June 2021

Host an interactive, online presentation for up to 1000 participants or giving a speech to 10,000 users through the view-only experience.

Teams Webinars makes room for multiple hosts to share content, videos and audio. Participants engage with presenters through reactions, chat and polls. This is a true webinar experience, so hosts are the “stars” while the audience consumes the presentation without sharing their own video, audio or other content.

A Teams webinar is as easy to set up as a one-on-one meeting and…

  • works like a normal Teams Meeting with stricter defaults.
  • ensures all attendees enter through the meeting lobby.
  • gives presenters the control to disable attendee cameras and microphones.
  • allows customizable registration forms.
  • includes post-event reporting on attendee engagement.

See this IT knowledge base article on scheduling a Teams webinar.

March 2021

The Teams desktop app screen sharing design is improved! During mid-March 2021, Microsoft 365 rolled out an updated screen share menu so you find content more quickly and sharing a screen, the whiteboard or PowerPoint slides is much quicker.

 Teams users also see a “Get a link to share” option when they choose the Meet Now button. This allows future usage for the instant meeting.


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