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Before using your PirateID, you must first activate your account and create a passphrase.
A passphrase may need to be reset if it expires or locks after too many failed logon attempts. Users reset the passphrase using one of three options.
New to ECU email? See this overview to get started.
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure connection between your off-campus computer and on-campus resources.
For new students accessing email for the first time.
ECU email setup for your mobile device.
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection creates a secure path between an off-campus computer and on-campus resources.
A listing of ECU-supported software.
Set up Webex Training on your computer.
ECU supports several solutions for online meetings, including dedicated conference rooms and classrooms for groups or software that connects two or more individuals through a desktop, laptop or mobile device.
Web Standards pertain to all websites hosted at ecu.edu. Responsibilities include compliance with federal and state laws and applicable ECU policies.
Join, start or schedule a meeting.
Your ECU passphrase must be changed every 90 days. To protect your ECU information (as well as every other user's information), use these tips to create a secure passphrase.
Instructions to the Download link to install the Webex desktop app and productivity tools to your personal Mac or Windows computer.
Check and manage your voice mail.
See these confidentiality terms and conditions for receiving an invitation to and attending a virtual meeting in Microsoft Teams or any other virtual medium.
Can WebEx work if my computer is behind a firewall?
How do I test my Internet connection speed?
What if I can’t attend the live session?
What if I get kicked out of WebEx?
Where can I download the Webex app for my mobile device? iTunes store or Google Play Marketplace.
Why can I hear everyone speaking but they can't hear me?
Why is my audio sounding choppy and/or the graphics not loading properly?
Microsoft Exchange Online Protection’s spam filter screens and quarantines suspicious email before it reaches your inbox.
You may need to reset MFA for your Office 365 account if the mobile phone you use for account verification is lost, stolen or replaced.