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Qwickly Attendance is an application in Canvas that provides flexibility for tracking and grading attendance.



Qwickly Attendance is an application in Canvas that provides flexibility for tracking and grading attendance.


  • Better customization for grading.
  • Instructors can view all of the students and record attendance in one screen.
  • Instructors can allow student to self check-in using Canvas Student app.
  • Generate reports that display individual and cumulative records.


Qwickly support is vendor hosted. Submit a Qwickly Support ticket.

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Browser Compatibility

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Enable Qwickly Attendance

  1. In the course, go to Settings >> Navigation
  2. Find Qwickly Attendance in disabled list of nav items. Drag it to enabled section.
  3. Save.

Note: The first time you view your list of students, they may not all display. Log out and back in to Canvas to fix this issue.

Authorize & Begin Set-Up

  1. Add Quickly to course nav.
  2. From the course nav, click Qwickly Attendance.
  3. You will be prompted to Authorize at first access in each course.
  4. Click Begin Set-Up. Settings can be changed at any time by accessing Settings.

Screenshot: Qwickly Attendance Begin Set-Up


Default Attendance Mode

Set default Attendance mode to be displayed when the tool is opened. You can switch the style for an individual session.

  • List: Displays all students in one list. Instructor marks attendance.
  • Check-in: Students check in with their devices.

Image: Default Style for taking attendance

Cross-Listed Course Setting

If sections are cross-listed but you prefer to manage attendance separately, in Student Grouping settings, enable By Course Section. If not enabled, Qwickly will combine cross-listed courses into a single list.

Image: Student Grouping

View Preferences

These settings affect how certain information is displayed in the tool.

Image: View Preferences

Grade Center Integration

Set grading method and allows integration with the Gradebook.

  • No Grade Center Column: Selecting this option doesn't create Gradebook column or removes an existing column. You still can track attendance, but it won't appear in Gradebook.
  • Total Points: Total attendance points.
  • Per Session: Number of points earned per session.
  • No Grade Center Column for Absences: Leave this option checked so there will be no separate column for absences.

Image: View Preferences


Allows students to check in from their own devices. 

  • Check-in PIN: Require a randomly generated four-digit PIN be entered for check-in mode.
  • Check-in Timer: Enable a timer for the check-in.

Students need to use the Canvas Student Mobile App to access this feature. Students can download the Canvas Student App from their iOS or Android App store. While students can use a web browser from a computer to check in, they cannot use Safari to check-in. See the tips below for more information on using the Check-in function.

Absence Email

  1. Send an email to students marked absent.
  2. Leave the code inside braces to automatically include absence date and course name.
  3. Add additional text to the message (optional).

Image: Absence Email

Attendance Statuses

Set globally and cannot be edited in the ECU Canvas environment.

Click Save Settings to save.

Taking Attendance

List View

  1. Open Qwickly Attendance from course menu.
  2. By default, all students are marked as "Present."  Click Absent, Late or Excused to change that status.
  3. When you're done taking attendance, click Submit Attendance.

Self Check-In

  1. Click the Qwickly Attendance link in your course menu.
  2. Click the Check In tab.
  3. Click Start Check In.
  4. If you selected the PIN option, the number will appear automatically. Share the PIN with so they can then check in on their devices. You can End Check In at any time or set a timer to have the check-in stop automatically.
Instructor Tips
  • Write PIN on the board if you must navigate away from the check-in screen.
  • You can edit attendance record to change the status for any student.


  1. Students should use the Canvas Student App for iOS or Android.
    • Students can also check-in using the browsers Chrome or Firefox NOT Safari.
  2. In the Canvas Student app, locate the course then click Qwickly in the course menu.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. Your instructor will provide the PIN, if required.

Viewing Attendance Records


  1. Click the Qwickly Attendance link in your course navigation.
  2. Click Attendance Record.


Click Qwickly Attendance in the course navigation.



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