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Request Microsoft Office for a NON-EMPLOYEE user working on campus using an ECU-managed computer.

Supervisors submit this request BEFORE an employee's separation date to remove access to IT systems.

Sponsors must extend or reactivate a non-Employee user account (PirateID) after 12 months.

Supervisors submit this form prior to the last work day when an employee transfers to another area of the university.

Permanent, remote work employees are required to enter their university-issued equipment into the Asset Management Database using this service request.

Cornerstone is a training management system for ECU. Employees and student workers can register for online modules, LinkedIn Learning courses and assigned training sessions through this portal.

Complete this request after receiving notification of your computer replacement eligibility.

Systems Coordination request.

Cornerstone is ECU's employee learning management system. Users who require assistance with their account, such as security access and permissions, should complete this form.

The Information Security Office maintains information security standards for ECU which define the responsibilities of all employees for protecting university information.

Cornerstone is ECU's employee learning management system. Users who require assistance with training, such as reviewing their transcript or scheduling events, should complete this form.

Users who need to obtain or alter their access, and/or supervisors who need to have access removed for an employee for any of the following systems should complete this form: Clientline, AMEX, Payeezy and Clover.

AssetWorks AiM is a work management system and database of ECU’s physical space and employee location inventory. This service is only for support personnel to submit service requests for AiM, AIMIQ and related processes.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure connection between a user’s device and internal ECU campus resources. Submit this form for assistance with VPN or to request a department-sponsored, non-employee account.

Activated through the passphrase maintenance portal, the PirateID user account and a secure passphrase are used to access ECU resources.