Your ECU Email Automatically Migrates to the Alumni Domain

One semester after graduation


  • The email address changes from to
  • All messages automatically migrate to the new address.
  • Any messages sent to the graduate's former student address are automatically forwarded to the new alumni address.
  • Alumni are not able to send email from the old student address.
  • Alumni log in from the interface using their student PirateID/passphrase.
  • Alumni are required to change their passphrase every 90 days through the Pirate through the passphrase maintenance portal.
  • Alumni keep the same 1TB OneDrive cloud storage folder, so there's no need to move stored documents.
  • Documents in the OneDrive folder are read only as the ECU Office 365 Microsoft Office license expires.
  • This process is automatic EXCEPT that the mobile account must be reconfigured.
  • Graduates receive an email reminder to reconfigure mobile devices to the new address.


  1. Your OneDrive storage is still available.
  2. You can edit and create new documents through Office Online.
  3. The Office suite download license will no longer be available. Documents on your computer become read-only.

Being readmitted to ECU?

  • Undergraduate: The PirateID is migrated from ECUAlumni to Students five days after acceptance as an undergraduate, medical or dental student.
  • Graduate: The PirateID is migrated from ECUAlumni to Students the next business day.

Legacy Alumni Accounts

Alumni email accounts created before February 2014 have the same features as accounts created after 2014, but the address and login are different. The address is Log in through Passphrase updates are made through the ECU passphrase maintenance website.



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