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What is a project?

A project is a temporary, planned undertaking with a definitive beginning and end that follows guidelines and creates a unique product, service or result based upon specific, agreed-upon outcomes.

At ECU Physicians projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Software development
  • Application modifications
  • Server implementation
  • Network installation/configurations
  • Web development
  • Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software implementation

Projects go through a review process governed by ECU Physicians Project Office. The process involves an assessment of the feasibility, risk and complexity of the requested project. Requests are then categorized to ensure that complex, enterprise-level projects are planned, organized, documented, managed and completed in a timely manner while providing superior service to the university.

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Complete the Request

There are three REQUIRED information sections:

  1. Project Information - captures general information about the project
  2. Documentation - documentation in support of your project (the form must be saved to attach documents)
  3. Project Expenses - lists hardware and other expenses


A partially-completed form can be saved and completed later; however, all required fields of the first section, Project Information, must be completed to save the form. Required fields are denoted by an asterisk, and we've included hints/tips for each field. The Documentation and Project Expenses sections can be accessed later and completed before submission.

The following information is required to save the form. All fields can be edited until you submit the form.

Project Name: Select a short name to uniquely identify the project.
Sponsor: The sponsor "owns" the project on behalf of the organization and has overall responsibility to authorize project work.
Department: The department for which this project will be completed.
Start Date: The project's requested/desired start date.
End Date: The project's requested/desired completion date.
Stakeholders Impacted: Select the stakeholders impacted by this project.  You may select more than one.
Multi-Year Project: Is this project slated to cover more than one fiscal year for implementation?
Is HIPAA data involved: Does this project involve HIPAA or PHI data?
Project Budget: Estimated Budget Amount
Funding Approved: Has funding been approved for this project?
Project Description: Provide a thorough description of the project. Project scope definition is the most important factor when it comes to project requirements. It is vital to outline the scope in order to successfully define the success criteria.


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