Tutorial - Add Additional Mailbox to Exchange


Outlook Desktop & Mobile App only.


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Outlook Desktop & Mobile app only (not available through Outlook on the web). While forwarding/redirecting through mailbox rules and auto-forwarding are blocked, you are allowed to add another mailbox account to your ECU Exchange mailbox. For example, you may need to add an xxxxx@ecuhealth.org so you can check both your ECU Health and ECU email in one convenient location.

Step 1. Open Outlook desktop and click the File menu item

From the Outlook menu, choose File. The account information screen opens.

MOBILE APP: Open the mobile app and then open the settings.


Step 2. Choose Account Settings

From the account information screen, choose the Account Settings tile. A drop-down menu opens. Choose the Account Settings option. The Account Settings dialog box opens. Another option is to click the +Add Account button.

MOBILE APP: From the Settings menu, choose Accounts.



Step 3. Choose New

In the Account Settings dialog box under the Email tab, choose New... The Outlook dialog box opens.

MOBILE APP: Choose Add Account.


Step 4. Enter the email address you wish to add

Enter the new email address, then choose the Connect button. The email account is added to your Outlook desktop app. You will be asked to sign in to the account and verify your identity.

MOBILE APP: Tap Email Account, then type in the new email address. Tap the Add Account button. Follow dialog boxes to sign in and verify your identity.


Step 5. Check the new account.

From the Outlook desktop app, check the folder pane to find the new account. It should be under your ECU email account. You can now check this account the same as your ECU account.




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