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TeamDynamix is the asset management inventory system used to provide asset tracking, as well as the ability to manage status, asset relationships, and ownership of assets throughout the asset lifecycle.

College of Education, BSOM, Financial Services, the Graduate School, Human Resources, the Office of Research Administration, the Office of Innovations & New Ventures, 25Live, Digital Signage, Joyner and Laupus libraries and ECU Police.

For non-ECU users. Request assistance with the Admissions portal or submit a GDPR Data Subject Rights Request.

Canvas and other learning technologies, campus audiovisual, computer labs, student printing and virtual computing lab.

Instructional technology, tools and resources directly supporting teaching and learning. Includes learning management systems, in-class and online course development, learning analytics, course evaluation, lecture capture, webinars and other academic tools for faculty and students.

Request support for LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Imagine Academy, SAS Training, Cornerstone support and course packaging assistance. Users can also register for face-to-face and online technology training through Cornerstone training management system.

PirateID, passphrase and MFA support, employee account transfer or termination and access modification for Banner module approvers.

IT Project Management, Banner, ecuBIC, Kronos, Sharepoint, PiratePort, AppWorx, Xtender, ODS, DegreeWorks....

ECU Physicians EHR and project management, Dental School Axium, Telemedicine and clinical recording support.

Telephones, voicemail, email, Teams, Webex, pagers, cellular devices, fax, listservs

Technology purchasing, installation and repair, OneDrive, Piratedrive, licensed software and downloads.

Educational event recording, animation, video projects and captioning

Wired and wireless networks, virtual private network (VPN), domain name services, firewall changes, static IP addresses and the infrastructure locate service

REDCap; Qualtrics; poster printing and high performance computing.

Services supporting the institution’s research activities, including specialized storage and computation, high performance
computing (HPC), visualization and lab-management systems.

Request access or support for WordPress, Siteimprove, MyWeb, URL shortener and other ECU web services.

FERPA data storage permission, file sharing exceptions, SNN/PII use request, information security services, enterprise data management, MDM, export controls review, GDPR request, risk and vulnerability management.

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