Onboard to Eduroam - Windows


Connect and configure the ECU eduroam network for your Windows device.


Need help? Visit your nearest Pirate Techs Technology Support Center or call the IT Service Desk at 252-328-9866.

These instructions help you connect (onboard) your Windows device to the eduroam network. During setup, the JoinNow wizard checks minimum requirements and installs a certificate on your device. This certificate is active for four years.

IMPORTANT! If you are OFF campus, already connected to ecu-wifi or your cellular service, navigate to http://onboard.ecu.edu. THEN SKIP TO STEP 2.

Step 1

Click the Wi-Fi button (bottom right). Select the eduroam network. Enter your PirateID and password. Click OK.


Open a web browser and navigate to http://onboard.ecu.edu. The ECU Network Configuration Utility opens.

Step 2

From the ECU Network Configuration Utility screen, click JoinNow. The ECU SecureW2 Wrapper downloads.


Step 3

From your Download folder, double-click the ECU_SecureW2_Wrapper (.exe file).


You may see this message: "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?" Click Yes.

Once SecureW2 launches, type in your PirateID (username) and password. Click Next.

Step 4

A notification appears indicating a separate dialog will launch to continue sign-in. Click Next.


Step 5

Once on the Microsoft login page, enter your ECU email address. Click Next.


Step 6

The ECU single sign-on (SSO) page opens. Enter your full ECU email address and password. Click Sign in.

IMPORTANT: If you are not on the ECU network while following these steps – you are at home or using cellular service, for example – you will be asked to approve the sign-in request through your MFA method: text, phone call or code/prompt through the Authenticator app.


Step 7

You are returned to the ECU SecureW2 Wrapper. Give the application a few moments to complete the onboarding process.


Step 8

If you are in range of the eduroam network, your device automatically connects.

If you are off campus, a message states that eduroam is out of range. When you return to campus, your Windows system will automatically connect to eduroam. Click Done.



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