Teams Best Practices: Messaging

Screenshots taken using Teams desktop app and Windows 10.

Respond to a message (the best way)

The best way to respond to a Teams channel conversation is to use reply rather than New Conversation. Reply is a better option because:

  • Replies trigger a notification to others in the conversation.
  • A reply occurs in the conversation chain, therefore the whole conversation remains together.
  • Conversations are sorted chronologically. When you reply, the conversation will show first in the chat history.

Just like email, clicking reply rather than creating a new message is considered proper etiquette.

Turn off replies for a channel or message

Sometimes, you may wish to manage a team site like a blog or present a one-way communication and turn off member responses. Examples include a classroom setting, announcements channel, how-to guide or tips channel. Responses can be turned off for an entire channel or a single message within a team channel. This does not work for the individual chat feature.

Turn off replies for a channel

  1. Click the More options ellipsis [...] next to the channel name.
  2. Choose Manage channel.
  3. From the Channel settings area, select Only owners can post messages in the permissions.

Turn off replies for a single message

This is useful for single announcements or assignments posted as a message in a channel and no replies are necessary.

  1. Click the format icon below the new conversation box.
  2. At the top of the message box, click the Everyone can reply drop down.
  3. Choose You and moderators can reply.


Creating or removing users from a group

A chat group is useful for short- or long-term conversations. For example, you may have a running conversation with co-workers or students through text, audio or video. File sharing, screen sharing and collaboration are also available. Chats are "persistent," which means they are saved in the Chat section of Teams. Frequent chats can be pinned to the top of the list for quick access or hidden.

Groups are chat conversations between three or more participants.

  1. Within Chat, click the new message icon and add members in the To box.
  2. Once the first message is posted, the group name can be changed by clicking the edit icon.
  3. To add additional members, delete a member or leave the group yourself, click the View and add participants icon on the far right.
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