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PirateID activation and deactivation, passphrase security and reset and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Audiovisual instructions and classroom configurations.

Xtender FAQs and Tutorials, Project Management FAQs, Kronos FAQs, Software Development Services

Telephones, voicemail, email, Teams, Webex, pagers, cellular devices, fax, listservs, fax, Jabber, Call Center

Student computer labs and print quota, Virtual Computing Lab (VCL), mobile and kiosk printing

Canvas, clickers, accessible course content, Mediasite and more

Information technology security, compliance and governance as well as regulations, guidelines and terms & conditions

Technology purchasing, installation and repair, OneDrive, Piratedrive, licensed software and downloads.

Accessible emails, web pages, course content, video captioning requirements and more.

Wired and wireless network instructions, VPN and guest network help, find your MAC address

REDCap, Qualtrics and high performance computing (HPC)

LinkedIn Learning and security awareness

Siteimprove web tool, MyWeb, URL shortener, digital resources overview, ECU calendar