Change Background Settings in Teams

Changing the Background Before a Meeting

  1. After you click Join Teams meeting, click the background filters button
  2. Choose a background and close the side panel by clicking x
  3. Join meeting

Changing the Background During a Meeting

  1. Click the "..." 
  2. Click Apply background effects
  3. Choose background image
  4. Click apply

Adding Custom Backgrounds

  1. When choosing a new background, click the "+ Add new" button. NOTE: Download the ECU-themed images in this article to use for your next meeting in Teams OR Webex!
  2. Find your image on your machine and click open
  3. Select the background you just added and click apply

**When previewing your background, it will appear in reverse as if looking into a mirror

**Once you upload an image, you will not have to upload same image again next time

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