Designate Alternate Meeting Host in Webex

Give another user permission to begin a Webex meeting in your absence.

Step 1. From a browser, navigate to

Step 2. Sign in using your PirateID/passphrase. Your Webex personal conference room opens.

Step 3. From your personal page, click the Schedule button. The Schedule a Meeting dialog box opens.


Step 4. Schedule your meeting. Enter the topic, date, time and attendees. The meeting password is automatically generated; however, users can set a specific password if desired.


Step 5. From the Schedule a Meeting dialog box, click the Show advanced options drop-down arrow. We will now use the Scheduling Options feature to add the alternate host.


Step 6. Click the Scheduling Options drop-down arrow. Options include:

  • Alternate host
  • Automatic recording
  • Exclude password
  • Public meeting

Step 7. Beside the Alternate host option, click the checkbox for “Let anyone with a host account on this site or anyone joining from a Cisco Webex cloud-registered video device in this organization host my meeting”


Step 8. Once the Alternate host checkbox is active, go back up to the attendees list for the meeting. Click the alternate host icon beside your chosen alternate host. This attendee will now be able to begin the meeting in your absence.


Step 9. Click the Schedule button. Meeting details are then sent to users.




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