Account Deactivation Schedule - Faculty, Staff, Retirees

Following the Academic Computer Use Policy and the Student and Employee Computer Use Policy, an employee's access to university resources is removed or adjusted upon department transfer, retirement, resignation or involuntary termination. This also reduces security risks.

Default Account Deactivation Schedule

An automated report provides the default access deactivation date for employees. The HR report is a fail safe measure only; an employee's supervisor is required to complete the Account Termination Request form which supersedes the HR automated report. Here is the default deactivation schedule:

  • Faculty, staff, fixed term (after 8 months) and unpaid affiliate accounts. Account access is disabled by Banner termination dates, and [what are Banner term dates?]
    • accounts and data are purged after one month
    • returning employees receive new PirateID, new mailbox
    • this process excludes employee transfers
  • Retirees Account is deleted after one year of inactivity (interactive login and non-interactive login activity), and web folders/files are removed from the server.
    • after retirement date, account reverts to Microsoft Office 365 E1 mail-only license, except
    • emeritus retiree accounts have Microsoft Office 365 A5 license
    • ECU web space remains active for scholarly purposes if requested through a service request within six months of retirement along with an active ECU email.

Supervisor Notification

It is required that a supervisor submit the Account Termination Request form for any separating employee before the exit date. This form requests the termination category (transfer, retirement, resignation, termination), the exit date and the access privileges to be removed. If any access privileges need to be reduced before the deactivation date or if privileges need to extend past the normal deactivation date, the supervisor will know this, and this information reflected in the Account Termination Request form.

For example, a supervisor might reduce the level of access to certain systems, such as Banner, through the separation period or revoke this access immediately upon resignation. If any access is necessary past the default deactivation schedule, the supervisor requests this through the Account Termination Request form. Supervisor authorization of employee access is the primary deactivation process and always takes precedence over the more general, comprehensive account deactivation process.


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Supervisors submit this request BEFORE an employee's separation date to remove access to IT systems.
Supervisors submit this form prior to the last work day when an employee transfers to another area of the university.