Accounts - Access

PirateID, passphrase, MFA plus info for supervisors and Banner module approvers.

Categories (4)

Alumni User Accounts

Alumni user account email and MFA management.

ECU User Accounts

Students, faculty, staff, retirees, unpaid affiliates password and account authentication management.

Account Authentication

MFA, or two-step verification. Set up the method you use to sign in to ECU resources.

Account Policies

PirateID eligibility and account deactivation schedules; requesting a former employee's work data.

Articles (3)

Pinned Article Best Practice - Tips for a Secure Password

Password security tips plus a trick to help you create an easy-to-remember password.

Pirate Techs Assisted Password Reset

Complete the attached form, then call the IT Service Desk or visit your nearest Pirate Techs location for assistance resetting your password.

Accounts and Access Tutorials and Resources

Overviews, FAQs and tutorials for your PirateID, passphrase and Multifactor Authentication (MFA) setup.