Microsoft Teams Overview

The Microsoft Teams app provides a chat-centered work space to bring conversations, project files and collaborative tools into a single interface for instant and organized access.


  • Teams. Create a work or project space and add other users. A team can be private or public.
  • Channels. Focused text conversations. A channel can be open to all team members or private.
  • File space. Create, edit, upload and securely store team files.
  • Tabs. Customize for each channel. Access team files, create a staff notebook to keep meeting minutes, track conversations or add other apps, like Planner, to the team space.
  • Private chats. Private conversations between two or more ECU users. Not necessarily associated with a team.
  • Chat mentions. Use likes, @mentions and replies in a text chat. The person will receive a notification.
  • Calendar. Schedule meetings or deadlines for the team.
  • Calls. Make a call to one ECU contact or a group through Teams.
  • Online meetings. Call one co-worker or a group. Can be audio or video. Appropriate hardware required.
  • Webinars. Host an interactive, online presentation for up to 1000 participants or give a speech to 10,000 users through the view-only experience. See this video from Microsoft, Get started with Teams webinars.
  • Desktop app/mobile app. Log in to Office 365 to download the desktop app or visit your mobile device's app store for the mobile version.

Quick View

Click Teams in the sidebar menu to access your teams or create a new team. Double-click an existing team to open the collaboration space.


Set up a new team. Click the join or create team link, then click the Create team button. Select a type, team name and choose whether it's private or public. Add your members. New members receive an email notification.


Manage team settings. Click the ellipsis next to the team name for a drop-down of team options that include Add channel, Add member and more.


Set channel as private. All new teams have one General discussion channel. Members create new channels that are open to all team members by default. To set a new channel as private to certain team members only, choose Private from the channel settings, then click Next to choose team members.


Organize and work through tabs. Each channel has its own tab set to organize and collaborate on that topic. Tabs include posts, files and staff notebook (OneNote). Click the + sign to add other useful tabs as you need them.


Create and manage team files. Upload, create, edit - one version managed within the channel.


Meet online. Click the video camera icon within a channel or from the calendar interface to meet now. speakers and mic required; video camera optional.


Once the meeting opens, see more meeting options


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