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Windows only. User Account Control (UAC) for ECU-managed Windows devices will be enabled Monday, November 20, 2023.Learn more...
Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage is available through your ECU Microsoft 365 subscription and alumni email and is the only approved cloud storage for ECU data.
Supported options for department computers, printers and peripheral equipment like flash drives and servers.
Educational resources, technologies, software, websites and other materials must comply with accessibility standards to help all users participate and succeed.
ECU has switched to a new password reset process called PirateID Self Service.
See this list of the Xtender toolbar icons.
Web accessibility means creating digital resources on the web that everyone can use. This involves creating a web that is accessible to people with disabilities that may affect how they use the Web, including but not limited to visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive and neurological disabilities.
Alumni use Microsoft 365 account settings to manage passwords and authentication methods.
Safe Links, a feature of Microsoft 365’s Advanced Threat Protection email security service, helps faculty and staff make the correct call on links sent through email.
May 8, 2023. Number matching is one of the ways users can choose to verify their identity when logging in to ECU resources.
Depending on your major or program, your department may suggest or require certain computer specifications.
Some default features included with the macOS and Windows operating systems do not comply with security guidelines or ECU regulations and are blocked on ECU-managed computers. Other features are managed by IT admins.
See this quick rundown of your Microsoft 365 subscription.
See this quickstart guide to using a HiTech classroom.
Pirate Print is ECU's print management program for students.