Webex Meeting Essentials: Hosts/Cohosts


This article provides steps and tips to help host/cohosts use key Webex features to start and manage Webex meetings.

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Starting/Joining Meetings

Before joining or starting a meeting, you can select how you want to connect to the meeting audio and which audio and video devices you want Webex to use.

Screenshot: Start/Join Meetings

(1) Audio

Select how you hear and speak during a meeting.

  • Use computer audio: Uses computer’s mic and speakers or connected devices (i.e., headsets, earbuds, microphones, etc.). Use Test speaker and microphone to verify your audio devices are working properly.
  • Call me: Webex calls number you provide.
  • Call in: Dial the provided number and access code to connect meeting audio.

(2) Unmute

  • Mute/Unmute microphone
  • Expand the Unmute drop down to verify or change microphones.

(3) Start Video

  • Start or stop sharing your video.
  • Expand the Start Video menu to verify or change video devices.
Tip: Before starting the meeting, start your video to check angle and/or lighting.

(4) Start or Join

Control Bar

The Control Bar allows quick access to meeting tools and features.

Screenshot: Control Bar

(1) Mute/Unmute

Tip: Hold down spacebar to temporarily unmute.

(2) Start/Stop Video

Note: Use dropdown to change cameras.

(3) Share

Note: Hosts may not allow participants to share.

(4) Record

Note: Hosts/Cohosts only.

(5) End/Exit Meeting

Note: Participants will see Leave Meeting.

Participants List/Chat

Participant List

The menus to open the Participant List and Chat are located in the right panel of the meeting window.

Note: Hosts may not allow participants to view list.


Click the Chat bubble icon to open the Chat.

Note: Hosts may not allow participants to chat with other participants or with everyone.
Screenshot: Participant and Chat icons

Sharing Screen/Content

The Share feature allows sharing:

(1) Screens, Mobile Devices and Open Applications

(2) Files

(3) Whiteboard

(4) Computer Audio

Note: Hosts may not allow participants to share.

Participant Management

Managing Participant Microphones

Muting a Participant: Click the Mic icon located to the right of the Participant’s name.

Mute all: All participants are muted, except the host and participant currently sharing.

Screenshot: Mute all Unmute all

From the Participant menu, set options to Mute on Entry or Allow Attendees to Unmute Themselves.

Tip:  For smaller meetings, we recommend allowing attendees to Unmute so that Host/Cohosts don’t need to Unmute participants.
Screenshot: Participant mute options

Manage Sharing and Communication Privileges

If not set when scheduling, you can set which sharing and communication privileges participants have during the meeting.

Participant: Anyone Can Share

Participant menu > Anyone Can Share.

Disable this option if you don’t want participants to use the Share functionality.

Screenshot: Anyone Can Share & Assign Priveleges
Assign Privileges: Communicate

Participant menu > Assign Privileges > Communicate.

Set who participants may chat with privately or publicly.


Screenshot: Communicate Privileges

Assign Privileges: Document, View and Meeting

Participant menu > Assign Privileges.

(1) Document

Participants can print, save or annotate documents shared during a session.

(2) View

Participants can view the participants list, documents, participant thumbnail images or any page shared during a session.

(3) Meeting

Participants can share documents or control shared apps, web browsers, etc.

Screenshot: Documvent, View and Meeting Privileges

Change Participant Role

Right click a participant’s name and open the  Change Role menu.

Role Descriptions
  • Cohost: Has full control of meeting experience just as host.

  • Presenter: Responsible for sharing and annotating presentations, whiteboards, documents, and applications in a meeting, but cannot control participant permissions.

Screenshot: Change Participant Role


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