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The authorized access user ("the user") is responsible for maintaining the security of the connection to the East Carolina University data network ("the network") as follows.

1. The user shall keep the remote access ID, password, software, and connection secure and confidential at all times. They shall not be distributed to anyone else for any reason.

2. Unauthorized access of any kind to the network is prohibited. Remote access connection to the network shall be established only by the authorized user for the purpose of personally performing the duties specified under "Justification of Request." The connection shall be terminated immediately by the user upon completion of those duties. The user shall not leave the computer unattended while the remote connection is active.

3. Any computer used to access ECU's network must meet the following requirements:

  • Up to date on Service Packs, Critical Updates, and security patches.
  • Run antivirus software. The antivirus software shall be enabled, configured, and maintained at all times. Infected computers are forbidden from connecting to the network.
  • Peer-to-peer file sharing software shall not be present on the computer.

4. The user shall permit ECU ITCS to scan the remotely-connected computer for security vulnerabilities.

5. The user's network access privileges shall be terminated immediately if the user no longer needs access.

6. When connected to the network, the user shall abide by all East Carolina University policies relating to computer and network use (https://www.ecu.edu/prr/08/05/04).

7. The user shall renew this request annually.

8. Failure to adhere to these responsibilities shall result in revocation of remote access privileges.

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