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Bookings with me is included with Outlook (web version only). Create a page of available appointments and share so that any user – faculty, student, staff or non-ECU user – can book an available one-on-one appointment with you.

IMPORTANT! Only faculty and staff can create a Bookings with me page. But anyone – students, staff, faculty and non-ECU users can book appointments with you once you share the link.

TIP: Share your Bookings with me page as a link in your email signature for scheduling office hours, advising sessions, interviews, etc.

Create your Bookings with me page

Step 1

Log in to to access your Outlook on the web calendar. Bookings with me is not available in desktop or mobile Outlook.

Step 2

Click the Create booking page link. Note that the link will change to edit booking page once you add appointments.

Step 3

Customize your booking page banner image.


Step 4

Create meeting types. Click the plus (+) sign within a meeting pane to open a new meeting type. Complete the form and click the Save button. If needed, customize most options, including availability hours.

  • Public meeting. For example, meet with multiple students individually.
    Click the plus (+) sign beside Public and complete the form.
    Create as many public booking appointments as you need.
  • Private meeting. Share the link with others. Only you and the person/s
    who have the link can see this item and book an appointment.
  • TIP: Need to edit or delete a meeting item? Find options through the
    horizontal ellipsis icon located beside each item.

Step 5

Share your Bookings with me page

  • Copy the link to send out or add to a document.
  • Share a link with others.
  • Add a link to the page to your email signature.

Book an appointment on someone's Bookings with me page

Step 1

Open the person's Bookings with me page. Sign in to ECU or book the appointment as a non-ECU guest.

Step 2

Click an event, then choose a date and time. Choose the Next button.

Step 3

Complete the form: name, email, notes. Click Book.


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