ECU email information.

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Pinned Article FAQ - Messaging

Answers to questions you might have concerning your ECU email and other messaging apps.

Pinned Article Overview - ECU Email - Please Read!

New to ECU email? See this Outlook overview to get started.

Pinned Article Overview - Manage Spam Email

Microsoft Exchange Online Protection’s spam filter screens and quarantines suspicious email before it reaches your inbox.

Pinned Article Tutorial - Bookings with me Appointments in Outlook

Staff/faculty create a page of available appointments through Outlook for the web. ECU and non-ECU users book appointments once the page link is shared.

Pinned Article Tutorial - Email Encryption

Secure the sensitive email you send outside the ECU network and read the encrypted email you receive.

Pinned Article Tutorial - Mobile Email

ECU email setup for your mobile device.

Pinned Article Tutorial - Student Email First Log in

Next steps for new students after PirateID account activation.

Add New Members to a Distribution List or Security Group

Receive an error message when trying to add users to your distribution list or security group? Try this method.

Data Loss Prevention for Email

Data Loss Prevention protects against accidental breach of sensitive data through email.

ECU Address Book Updates - Employees

Faculty, staff and student information in the ECU online directory and Outlook address book is updated in the Banner Self Service system.

Email Cached Mode

Work with email, even if you're not connected to the ECU network.

Outlook Client Setup

Faculty, staff and current students. Install the desktop/laptop Outlook email management program to your computer.

Outlook Profile for Mac

Create a new Outlook profile for your Mac.

Overview - Safe Links Email Security Feature

Safe Links, a feature of Microsoft 365’s Advanced Threat Protection email security service, helps faculty and staff make the correct call on links sent through email.

Tutorial - Add Additional Mailbox to Exchange

Outlook Desktop & Mobile App only.