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See the answers to users' most-asked Piratedrive questions.
Faculty and instructional staff. See these frequently-asked questions for the Microsoft OneDrive Canvas Integration.
Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage is available through your ECU Microsoft 365 subscription and alumni email and is the only approved cloud storage for ECU data.
Resources for OneDrive cloud storage.
Department and shared Piratedrive folders are required to have one administrator and one backup administrator.
Practice responsible data management using ECU’s approved online storage for sensitive and non-sensitive data.
Learn about Piratedrive approved uses, department folder access and administrator responsibilities. Folder permissions and data retention/recovery explained.
ECU data stored external to ECU requires authorization of the department head, data owner and CIO.
Find your OneDrive answers here.
See this feature comparison of ECU's approved storage options.
This article explains the features of your ECU network attached storage folder, Piratedrive.
Determining your best data management plan begins with determining your data types: sensitive or non-sensitive.