About PirateDrive

Piratedrive is an online storage folder created for each faculty, staff and student. Departments can also request a Piratedrive folder to house department information.

Each folder is password-protected, secure and backed up nightly. All disk activities using Piratedrive must conform to the ECU Academic Computer Use Policy and the University Student and Employee Computer Use Regulation.

Commercial use prohibited. Piratedrive users may not use Piratedrive storage for personal gain, for a non-university, for-profit business or to advertise events or items for sale that result in a revenue gain for non-university departments, programs or organizations.

Illegal use prohibited. Illegal uses include, but are not limited to such activities as unauthorized distribution or copying of copyrighted software, fraud and harassment. Files such as illegal MP3s are protected by copyright laws and are strictly forbidden.

Reporting complaints. Complaints relating to the abuse of Piratedrive space should be directed to the ITCS Help Desk at 252.328.9866/800.340.7081.

Department Piratedrive

Departments can request a 50GB Piratedrive folder for multiple users to store and share office files. This is convenient when several department members access the same data or the department is storing sensitive information.

Space can be increased to 125GB at no additional charge. Additional space over 125GB can be purchased for $2/GB.

All departmental Piratedrive folders require an administrator to manage the folder data and user access. See the Administrator Responsibilities section on this page for more information.

Submit the Piratedrive Support form to request support or more space.

Access a Department Piratedrive

On-campus users can map a drive (create a shortcut) on their computer’s desktop or access directly through the PiratePort Piratedrive app.

Off-campus users can also manage files through the PiratePort Piratedrive app or establish a secure connection using ECU’s Virtual Private Network (VPN). Instructions for establishing a VPN connection can be found on the VPN page.

Administrator Responsibilities

Departments are required to have at least one primary administrator and one backup administrator.
Administrator Responsibilities:

  • Plan the folder and data organization
  • Maintain documentation of folder administration
  • Grant and remove users and user access on as-needed basis
  • Choose level of access for users (only administrators should have full control access)
  • Review and modify user access on as-needed basis
  • Review folder security twice annually. Download the Security Review (Excel) Log Template
  • Obtain ITPC approval to store Social Security Numbers
  • Obtain IT Security approval of HIPAA data storage measures
  • Protect sensitive data
  • Notify ITCS if your role changes, and you are no longer a folder administrator

Please note: Permissions may only be set from a Windows system.

Folder Permissions

NTFS File Permission Allowed Access
Read Users to can view files, folders, and subfolders of the parent folder. Also allows viewing folder ownership, permissions, and folder attributes.
Write Users can create new files and folders within the parent folder, view folder ownership and permissions and change the folder attributes.
List Folder Contents Users can view the files and subfolders contained within the folder
Read & Execute Users can navigate through all files and subfolders and perform all actions allowed by the Read and List Folder Contents permissions.
Modify Users can delete the folder and perform all activities included in the Write and Read & Execute NTFS folder permissions.
Full Control Users can change permissions on the folder, take ownership and perform all activities included in all other permissions.


Data Retention and Recovery

Piratedrive data is backed up and protected should data be accidentally deleted. Nightly backups are retained for fourteen (14) days while mid-day daily backups are retained for seven (7) days. A monthly backup is also retained for three (3) months. These backups allow users to restore files by using the “Previous Versions” tab on their PC.

  1. Right-click the piratedrive shortcut (“U” drive) in File Explorer.
  2. Choose Properties.
  3. Choose the Previous Versions tab.

If assistance is required, please submit a Help Desk request for data recovery.

Departments are responsible for ensuring that data, such as PII or research information that has specific retention requirements, is either stored on Piratedrive or other acceptable storage arrangement. Backup files are not an acceptable storage solution for research data.
For assistance recovering files, please submit an IT Help Desk service request that includes the location of the deleted data, the names of the folders and files and when they were deleted.
If data, such as PII or research information, requires storage for more than three months, the department is responsible for making these arrangements.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the individual user to maintain any HIPAA data for a period of 7 years to conform to HIPAA regulations.


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