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Campus departments who are interested in purchasing/renewing any software, hardware or services which involvement the processing or payment cards, contracting with a vendor to provide services which include the processing of payment cards, or would like to implement/alter business operations which involve the processing of payment cards should complete this form. The PCI Compliance Committee review requests at their monthly meeting. Do NOT make any changes or sign any contracts until PCI approval has been granted.

Campus departments with a consistent need to accept in-person payment may benefit from a POS Terminal, which is a stationary device connected to the internet to process payments. Campus departments who would like to order a POS terminal for an existing merchant account or who need to have an existing POS terminal disposed should complete this form.

For one-time incentive payment of $25 or less to an individual in a calendar year, or participant payments for which the research protocol costs, or technical issues preclude the use of Greenphire debit cards, you must enter your information into this Greenphire Exceptions Request site.

NOTE: If gift cards are your payment solution, before you purchase any cards, you must first obtain an approved Authorization for the Purchase of Gift Cards/Gift Certifications, Incentives, or Prizes form. This form and instructions can be found in the Guide to Materials Management on Materials Management's webpage.

TouchNet Marketplace offers “U-Stores” which is an online storefront that allows campus departments to collect payments online for various purposes such as event registrations, accounts receivable, sale of goods/services, etc. Campus departments who would like to request a U-Store should complete this form.

Campus departments with a limited/short-term need to collect in-person payments may benefit from our Cellular POS Rental program. To initiate the rental request, complete this form.

Greenphire is a system to track and pay research study participants.

The purpose of the Technology Threshold Assessment (TTA) is to aid ITCS in evaluating the information/data in the system and make the appropriate determination about how to treat the information/data, as required by University, State, and Federal regulations.

Under the GDPR, individuals can request organizations to exercise rights around the use and collection of personal data and only applies to personal information captured or processed while a Data Subject is physically residing in the European Economic Area (EEA). For non-ECU requests only.

Licensed by ECU, this backup application is available to departments for an annual per person license fee.

Request forms plus information about cellular and pager service plans for ECU users.