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ECU’s technology purchasing process ensures that procurement of all IT equipment, software, Internet of Things devices and services (including cloud services) follows a process of request, guidance, review, then approval.

This required review ensures your software purchase is accessible based on Section 508 and W3C guidelines.

Required when purchasing hardware and/or software to ensure compliance with sensitive information guidelines and policies.

Request installation, re-installation or repair of department-purchased software or your computer's operating system.

Submit for installation of department-purchased Microsoft Project or Visio software as well as Microsoft Visual Studio.

Submit this request for assistance with department desktop and laptop installation, repair, clinic support and purchase quotes.

Campus departments who are interested in purchasing/renewing any software, hardware or services which involvement the processing or payment cards, contracting with a vendor to provide services which include the processing of payment cards, or would like to implement/alter business operations which involve the processing of payment cards should complete this form. The PCI Compliance Committee review requests at their monthly meeting. Do NOT make any changes or sign any contracts until PCI approval has been granted.

Submit this request if you are seeking approval to host (store) FERPA data. A representative from the Office of the Registrar will contact you to discuss. If you are purchasing new software to host FERPA data, please submit the Technology Security Assessment form. FERPA Data Permission is included in that process.

If you store sensitive information on your workstation, laptop, flash drive or mobile device, these files should be encrypted to protect them from unauthorized access or theft. Submit a request to have encryption enabled on your Android, iOS or Windows tablet, Linux, Mac or Windows desktop/laptop, Thin Client or USB hard drive or USB flash drive.

ECU-managed computers only. If you suspect your work computer is infected with a virus or other malware, submit this form for help.

Microsoft Intune helps users balance data access with data security on a mobile device.

Clickers provide an option for student engagement and active learning.

Learn more about IT accessibility and how to apply the standards through these training courses.

MyWeb is a self-service option to provide individual web space for faculty, staff and students to host their academic-related content or research.