OpScan Test Processing


Joyner Library: Onsite support* provided by Pirate Techs staff in Joyner 1101, M-F 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Laupus Library: Onsite support* provided by computer lab assistants in Laupus 2502 and Pirate Techs staff in Laupus 1500.

*If using OpScan outside business hours, a training demo with staff beforehand is recommended - library staff do not provide support for OpScan.

Phone: 252-328-9866 / 800-340-7081


New for Fall Semester 2022! OpScan is now self-service

  • Now automated - tests are scanned and processed on the spot - Scantron Form 30423 only
  • Two locations:
    • Joyner Library 1101 beside the Pirate Techs Technology Support Center
    • Laupus Library 2502 computer lab
  • Available anytime during library hours
  • Exam results immediately emailed to you as a ZIP file
  • Take your exams with you after scanning

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Getting Started

See the video demonstration or follow these four steps.

  1. Please note: Machines can only process Scantron Form 30423 bubble sheets
  2. Place exam sheets face up in the scanner’s input tray, with the key on top.
  3. Swipe your 1Card, then provide the test name in the onscreen field.
  4. Click the onscreen Start Scanning button to begin. When prompted to load your exam sheets, click OK.
  5. Once the last sheet scans, click End Scan. The results are complied, and exam results are immediately emailed to you (ZIP format). You may now remove paper exams with you.


No fees are associated with this service.



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