How to Set User Permissions

Follow these instructions to set access permissions or delete users from a Piratedrive folder. Instructions created using a Windows 7 system.


Access the Piratedrive folder properties

Double-click the computer icon on the desktop. Your system’s drive information will open showing all network drives to which you have access.


Right-click the Piratedrive folder you wish to change and choose Properties.

The Properties dialog box opens.

Note the two sections, “Group or user names” and the permissions section.



Add the new user

  • Choose the Edit button.
  • Click the Add button. The Select Users dialog box opens.
  • Enter the PirateID of the person you are adding into the Object names text box.
  • Press the Check Names button to confirm a valid ID
  • Click OK

You should now see the person’s name and e-mail address in the Group or user names box of the Properties dialog box.



Set permissions

  • Click the new user’s name to highlight and choose the appropriate permissions
  • To allow a user to have read-only access to documents, keep the default permissions (Read & Execute, List Folder Contents and Read)
  • To allow a user to makes updates to documents, choose Modify
  • Only administrators should have Full Control
  • DO NOT delete the Administrators, Domain Admins or Piratedrive access ID accounts
  • Click OK



To remove a user’s access from a Piratedrive folder, highlight the name and choose Remove.

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