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NEW USERS who need to activate their new ECU user account and create a password.
Follow these steps to index the first page of a batch, then subsequent batch documents into the same or different index.
Follow these steps to index fields in a document.
Follow these steps to add a rubber stamp or annotations to an Xtender document.
Follow these steps to import documents using Captiva.
Follow these steps to generate a list of indexed documents through a query.
Follow these steps to replace a document page in Xtender.
Follow these steps to add pages from a different batch to an Xtender document.
Request access and privileges for an Xtender application.
CURRENT USERS. Set up and manage verification methods that allow you to access ECU apps and systems.
"Copy" creates a second batch leaving the original in place; "move" relocates the original batch.
Steps to copy or move a page to another application in Xtender.
Faculty and staff are should maintain a software inventory list and proof of software purchases for their ECU-managed computer.
MATLAB allows engineers and data scientists to work with large amounts of data in a variety of formats such as sensor, image, video, telemetry, databases and more.
Each LTI is reviewed and approved through the Technology Security Assessment with oversight from the Academic Technologies Advisory Committee.