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Guidance for Creating Accessible Content
This article outlines the pre-replacement tasks for faculty and staff receiving a replacement ECU computer.
This article explains the features of your ECU network attached storage folder, Piratedirve.
Before using your PirateID, you must first activate your account and create a passphrase.
See these guidelines for creating a backup of your ECU-managed Mac computer.
Follow these best practices to create a backup of your ECU-managed Windows computer in preparation for a new system, a hard drive re-image of the same system, a software update or insurance against a hard drive crash.
Learn how to spot phishing, spear phishing and ransomware email and what to do if you become a victim.
To prevent data loss and compromise, it is important that every user report any security concerns, whether benign and accidental or malicious and deliberate.
Frequent questions from users about MFA.
Faculty and staff who use an ECU-managed computer are required to maintain a software inventory list for that computer as well as proof of purchase for software licenses.
Schedule dates for Health Sciences. Updates applied after hours.
ECU is committed to providing accessible technology and educational resources that comply with accessibility standards so all users can participate and succeed.
According to the ECU Video Captioning Requirements, video content publicly available on the ECU website must contain closed captioning.