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Design accessible email announcements using these guidelines to allow screen readers and other assistive devices to consume your message.
Specify Respondus Monitor for use with a Canvas quiz.
These instructions step you through viewing your students' Respondus Monitor webcam videos.
Consider these tips when administering online tests and to ensure academic integrity in your classes.
Each LTI is reviewed and approved through the Technology Security Assessment with oversight from the Academic Technologies Advisory Committee.
See this FAQ for the LTI approval process.
Secure the sensitive email you send outside the ECU network and read the encrypted email you receive.
Microsoft Exchange Online Protection’s spam filter screens and quarantines suspicious email before it reaches your inbox.
Data Loss Prevention protects against accidental breach of sensitive data through email.
Learn how to spot phishing, spear phishing and ransomware email and what to do if you become a victim.
New to ECU email? See this overview to get started.
See this quick rundown of your Microsoft 365 subscription features.
Faculty and staff subscribe to send and receive messages concerning official ECU business.
Written permission is often required when including students, patients and others in research, project or promotional videos.
A listing of ECU-supported software.