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Migrate Adobe CC assets from a personal account into your new ECU enterprise account.
All users. When your license is active, sign in to the Creative Cloud interface, download the Creative Cloud desktop app and begin using programs and features.
See these guidelines and stipulations for the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.
Secure the sensitive email you send outside the ECU network and read the encrypted email you receive.
General information about your Microsoft 365 account.
If you live in a residence hall and wish to connect a smart TV or other internet-ready, multimedia device, please follow these steps to register the device in the My Devices Portal.
See this quickstart guide to using a HyFlex classroom.
Faculty and staff. Departments can purchase a 3-year stand-alone license for Acrobat Pro PDF creation/editing app through the PORT system. Users download Creative Cloud desktop app to access.
Frequent questions from users about MFA.
Set up multifactor authentication using the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app. Recommended MFA method.
You may need to reset MFA for your Microsoft 365 account if the mobile phone you use for account verification is lost, stolen or replaced.
Switch your primary MFA verification method to the mobile app. This is the recommended option, especially for international travel.
Access Microsoft 365 account settings to to manage verification method, mobile number and create additional app passwords.
Enroll your Microsoft 365 account for Multifactor Authentication (MFA) using a text message.