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Migrate CC assets from a personal account to your new ECU enterprise account.
All users. When your license is active, sign in to the Creative Cloud interface, download the Creative Cloud desktop app and begin using programs and features.
Request a student license for Adobe Creative Cloud. Must be renewed annually.
your ECU LinkedIn Learning account can be connected to your personal LinkedIn social network account. Read this important information before you decide to connect your accounts.
ECU has designated FERPA data as Level 3 Sensitive/Confidential. Learn how to store and access FERPA.
Vishing, or voice phishing, is a scam that occurs over the phone. Learn how to protect yourself.
A list of video resources to help users learn about phishing, ransomware and other IT security topics.
ECU's passphrase security standard ensures accounts are protected from unauthorized use.
According to the ECU Video Captioning Requirements, video content publicly available on the ECU website must contain closed captioning.