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According to the ECU Video Captioning Requirements, video content publicly available on the ECU website must contain closed captioning.
Educational resources, technologies, software, websites and other materials must comply with accessibility standards to help all users participate and succeed.
Find your OneDrive answers here.
Design accessible event announcements using these guidelines.
Closed captioning benefits, resources and how-tos.
A list of Multifactor Authentication how-to articles.
Overviews, FAQs and tutorials for your PirateID, passphrase and Multifactor Authentication (MFA) setup.
Teleworking? Connect to the ECU VPN when updating your passphrase.
Your ECU passphrase must be changed every 90 days. Use these tips to create a secure passphrase.
Passphrase Reset favorite
All users: choose one of three ways to reset your ECU passphrase.
ECU's passphrase security standard ensures accounts are protected from unauthorized use.
Some apps and older mobile devices may not support MFA. You will need to configure these accounts using a Microsoft app password to replace your ECU passphrase.
Enroll your Microsoft 365 account for Multifactor Authentication (MFA) using a text message.
Switch your primary MFA verification method to the mobile app. This is the recommended option, especially for international travel.