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General computer questions for new students.
New to ECU email? See this overview to get started.
See this explanation of resources available to ECU users and appropriate collaboration and sharing tools.
Students living in residence halls can connect to the ECU wired network.
Owners of content hosted on the domain, including WordPress blogs and My Web WWW2 and CommonSpot websites, are required to comply with all federal and state laws and applicable ECU policies.
A listing of ECU-supported software.
This overview explains how to spot phishing, spear phishing and ransomware email and what to do if you become a victim.
If you are interested in migrating your department or shared Piratedrive space to OneDrive, here is a comparison to help you decide.
Use these commands to subscribe, unsubscribe and more.
ECU supports several solutions for online meetings, including dedicated conference rooms and classrooms for groups or software that connects two or more individuals through a desktop, laptop or mobile device.
The Microsoft Teams collaboration tool is a perfect way to virtually meet with colleagues, co-workers and project team members. See these options to join and schedule meetings through Teams.
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure connection between your off-campus computer and on-campus resources.
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection creates a secure path between an off-campus computer and on-campus resources.