Tutorial - Replace a Page in Xtender

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Xtender is an imaging and storage system used by administrative staff to capture, organize and retrieve paper and computer-generated documents at ECU.

Follow these steps to replace a document page.

Step 1. Open the document and run a query

Within your Xtender app, run a query to find the appropriate document.

Step 2. Locate the page to be replaced

Within the appropriate document, locate the page to be replaced using the Next Page and Previous Page buttons.

Step 3. Click the Page tab, then the Replace Page option

Click the Page tab, then the Replace Page option from the drop-down menu.

Step 4. Upload the replacement page

  1. The Replace Page dialog box opens.
  2. Click Choose File, then navigate to the new page.
  3. Select the replacement page.
  4. Click Upload in the Replace Page dialog box. The page is replaced.
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