Tutorial - Scan & Import Documents Using Captiva

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Xtender is an imaging and storage system used by administrative staff to capture, organize and retrieve paper and computer-generated documents at ECU.

Captiva is a cloud toolkit that enables document scanners to import directly into Xtender through a web browser. Captiva is available for download through the ECU Download Center.

Step 1

Log in to Xtender and select the appropriate application.


Step 2

Select New Batch and give the batch a name. Double check you’re scanning into the correct application. Add a description, if desired. Click Continue.



Step 3

Click the scanner icon in the toolbar to make sure you’ve given Captiva access to the device.


Step 4

Click Allow in the pop-up window to grant access to the device.


Step 5

Select the appropriate driver. Most areas of campus utilize Cannon scanners. It is recommended you select the ISIS driver.


Step 6.

Place the document into the scanner and click the scan button in the toolbar. It is to the left of the button you selected to configure the scanner. A pop-up window indicates scan operation is running.



Step 7

The batch has been scanned into Xtender. To manage the batch and index a document navigate back to the application landing page and select Manage Batches.


Step 8

Find the batch you just created and select the blue drop-down arrow beside its name. Select Index.


Step 9

Enter the desired parameters for each index field and click Save. Your batch is now saved in Xtender.


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