Configure FTP Access to Your MyWeb Site - Students

Step 1. Open FileZilla and click the File menu.

Step 2. Choose Site Manager from the File menu.


Step 3. Click New Site.


Step 4. Name the new site, MyWeb.


Step 5. Host =

Step 6. Leave the Port number as is.

Step 7. Leave the Protocol default: FTP – File Transfer Protocol.


Step 8. Change Encryption to Require explicit FTP over TLS.


Step 9. Set Logon Type to Ask for password


Step 10. Set username to your PirateID: intra\your-PirateID


Step 11. Open the Advanced tab.

In the Default remote directory section, add /student/your-PirateID


Step 12. Open the Transfer Settings tab.

Click the Passive radio button.


FTPS is now ready to use. Select Connect to access your MyWeb folder.

You only need to do this setup once. Next time you log in, click site manager from the File menu. Select MyWeb. Click the Connect button to open.


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MyWeb is a self-service option to provide individual HTML web space to faculty, staff and students for hosting academic-related content or research.