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Anyone associated with the university (faculty, staff, students, and retired faculty) may have an individual website on ECU’s MyWeb server.

Web space details:

  • 500 MB of space
  • option to set your website as private requiring login
  • Windows server running IIS
  • ColdFusion (CFML) programming language installed

If you would like web space for a student group, research lab, or other collaborative work, we recommend using our WordPress Blogs service.

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Available To

Faculty, Staff, Students, Researchers

Get Started

Step 1. Setup your web space

Login to our self-help Pirate Panel application at

Step 2. Manage your web space

Option 1. Pirate Panel

Log in to and choose “Manage Web Space”

Option 2. Network drive

Access folders through a mapped network drive. If you’re off-campus you will need to connect to the VPN.


Faculty and staff
Basic sites: \\myweb\coreprod\yourPirateID\
Secure sites: \\myweb\secure\yourPirateID\

Option 3. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

ITCS recommends FileZilla, but you may use any FTP software.

FTP settings
Port: 21
Encryption: Require explicit FTP over TLS
User: intra\yourPirateID
Default remote directory: /student/yourPirateID (students), /yourPirateID (faculty and staff)

Note: when you’re off campus, you will need to connect to the VPN before you establish a FTP connection. More info about VPN.

Download FileZilla setup for students (pdf)
Download FileZilla setup for faculty and staff (pdf)

Step 3. View your website

Your website URL will be

Faculty and staff
For basic sites, your URL will be
For secure sites, your URL will be

Note: the server was renamed from Core to MyWeb several years ago but the address will still work.

Related Policies and Guidelines


You are personally responsible for the content of your web pages. Your web pages describe you and your interests to the world. Put some thought into how you want to represent yourself. Always observe the Web Standards and Responsibilities.

Learn More

Web editing software

We recommend Adobe Dreamweaver, but there are also many free alternatives. View a comprehensive list of HTML editors at Wikipedia.

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No fees are associated with this service.

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