Add Banner INB URL to Java Exceptions List - Mac

Step 1.  From the Apple menu, click System Preferences and then click the Java icon

The Java Control Panel opens in a separate window.

Step 2.  From the Security tab in the Java Control Panel, click the Edit Site List… button

The Exception Site List dialog box opens.


Step 3.  Click the Add button and type in the new Banner INB URL



Step 4.  Click the OK button to return to the Java Control Panel

You see the new Banner URL in the Exception Site List.


Step 5.  Click the Apply or OK button (either works)

The new URL is listed in the Exception Site List. You may be prompted for a password, and you must be in the computer’s admin group to make these changes.


Clearing Java Cache

Step 1.  In the General Tab, click Settings under Temporary Internet Files


Step 2.  A new window opens labeled Temporary Files Settings. Click Delete Files


Step 3.  A confirmation box opens asking to delete the files. Check all the boxes to ensure deletion of the entire cache. Click OK


Step 4.  Click OK in the Temporary Files Settings window

Step 5.  Click OK in the Java Control Panel window

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