Adobe Express (formerly Spark) in Canvas


  • Adobe Spark items can be embedded using the Rich Content Editor (RCE).
  • You will need to enable the RCE to allow students to embed in Assignments submissions.

Allowing Students to Embed in Assignment Submissions

  1. Create or edit an assignment.
  2. Set Submission Type to Online.
  3. Enable Text Entry. This allows students to embed using the RCE.
    Screenshot: Assignment Submission Type Setting

Embedding Spark Items in the RCE - Students and Instructors

  1. Click Apps icon in RCE formatting bar.
    Note: Expand the menu if you don't see the Apps icon in the compact layout.
    Screenshot: RCE
  2. Search for and select Adobe Spark.
    Screenshot: Adobe Spark App
  3. At first use, you will be prompted to Authorize.
    Screenshot: Authorize Adobe Spark
  4. Sign in with your ECU credentials.
    Screenshot: Sign in
  5. Hover over the item thumbnail and choose Attach then Submit, Save or Post Reply
    Screenshot: Attach Spark

Viewing Spark Submissions in Canvas - Students and Instructors

Click the Make a copy button. The item opens in a new window.

Screenshot: Viewing a Spark Item in Canvas


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