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This article provides a list of the most highly-requested features available in our supported lecture recording tools.
Can I add students to my course? Can instructors who have NOT completed hiring be added to Canvas? How are incompletes managed in Canvas?
Can instructors have test student account? How do I request a guest/external account?
This article provides a list of all LTI and Publisher tools available in Canvas along with links to set up and support resources.
In this article, learn how to use H5P in a Canvas assignment so that a grade for interaction with the H5P content is recorded in the Canvas gradebook.
H5P allows users to create interactive content including interactive videos, presentations and quizzes. This article provides information about accessibility, graded assignments and links to resources and support.
Use of Canvas in some non-curricular situations and management responsibilities.
Each LTI is reviewed and approved through the Technology Security Assessment with oversight from the Academic Technologies Advisory Committee.
Since Departmental Administrators of IT systems may have increased access and privileges, they must also agree to the contents of this document annually.
This article cover generating, downloading and printing Canvas Rubric Reports from the ECU Business Intelligence Center (BIC).
This article outlines the standard operating procedure for accessing curricular (Banner) courses. Details on purpose, level of access and steps for requesting access for each role are provided.
This article provides steps for setting up WebAssign in Canvas.
Qwickly Attendance is an application in Canvas that provides flexibility for tracking and grading attendance.
A Microsoft Teams meeting within Canvas is an option with fewer meeting controls (than Webex).
This article provides steps for setting up and using Adobe Spark in Canvas. Steps for instructors and students are covered.
See this FAQ for the LTI approval process.