Resources for the tools used with Canvas LMS.

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Turnitin Plagiarism Review

See this FAQ and the request process article.

Lockdown Browser & Test Generator

Instruction articles for both students and instructors including a video on how to prepare an exam for LockDown Browser.

Respondus Monitor

Instructions for adding Respondus Monitor to a Canvas quiz and viewing student webcam videos.

H5P Interactive Content

Create interactive videos, presentations, quizzes and more with this Canvas app.

Articles (21)

Pinned Article All Canvas Articles

See this convenient, comprehensive list of IT knowledge base articles

Choosing a Videoconferencing Tool

See this criteria for selecting the most appropriate conferencing tool.

FAQ - Canvas Instructors

Frequently asked questions from instructors about Canvas.

FAQ - Microsoft OneDrive Canvas Integration

Faculty and instructional staff. See these frequently-asked questions for the Microsoft OneDrive Canvas Integration.

FAQ - Canvas Studio

This knowledge base article aggregates commonly asked Studio questions from ECU instructors.

Studio for Students

This article provides students essential resources or using Studio to record or upload media and submit assignments.

Canvas - ProQuest Resources Integration

This article provides the steps for linking to ProQuest resources in the Rich Content Editor and adding resources as module items

Canvas - LTIs

This article provides a list of all LTI and Publisher tools available in Canvas along with links to set up and support resources.

FAQ - Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

See this FAQ for the LTI approval process.

Adobe Express (formerly Spark) in Canvas

This article provides steps for setting up and using Adobe Spark in Canvas. Steps for instructors and students are covered.

Microsoft Teams - Schedule a Meeting in Canvas

A Microsoft Teams meeting within Canvas is an option with fewer meeting controls (than Webex).

Qwickly Attendance Guide

Qwickly Attendance is an application in Canvas that provides flexibility for tracking and grading attendance.

WebAssign Set Up

This article provides steps for setting up WebAssign in Canvas.

Academic Integrity and Online Test Administration

Consider these tips when administering online tests and to ensure academic integrity in your classes.

Accessing Curricular Canvas Courses

This article outlines the standard operating procedure for accessing curricular (Banner) courses. Details on purpose, level of access and steps for requesting access for each role are provided.

Canvas Rubric Reports

This article cover generating, downloading and printing Canvas Rubric Reports from the ECU Business Intelligence Center (BIC).

Digital Media Capture Terms and Conditions

When using ECU digital media capture systems, you agree you have been informed and understand the best practices and policies as well applicable laws associated with these tools

Granting Access to Course Recordings

Occasionally, viewing access to course recordings is required for peer review, accreditation, sharing, etc. See this standard procedure for requesting access.

LMS Confidentiality Agreement - Departmental Administrators

Since Departmental Administrators of IT systems may have increased access and privileges, they must also agree to the contents of this document annually.

LTI Review and Installation Process

Each LTI is reviewed and approved through the Technology Security Assessment with oversight from the Academic Technologies Advisory Committee.

Non-Banner Course Guidelines and User Management Responsibilities

Use of Canvas in some non-curricular situations and management responsibilities.